July 18, 2013

Loss of Energy - Eat Better!

It happened again! I was too busy to eat properly, resulting in a loss of energy; my performance suffered. A mere five miles today felt like twice that. It didn't help that the "air-conditioned" environment at the YMCA fitness center did little to keep me cool. At the 30 minute mark, I took a five minute break to cool down and to fight back the dizziness that was creeping up on me.

Tonight's meal? A Wendy's Double Pretzel Bacon burger with fries and a drink. Assessment: not all that wonderful. The pretzel bun is a bit too chewy for my preference, and the whole thing was a bit greasy. Some days I go for it, but not today. I'm satiated, but exhausted; I may just crawl into bed now rather than wait until midnight or one! (YAY!) First, time to spend some time with Meghan in our now quiet home.

Breaking News! My son Ryan has just lost another tooth. That's four teeth in four weeks, three in the last two weeks! The tooth-fairy is strapped for cash these days due to inflation: $2 per tooth! Ryan's raked in $8 and has spent it on chips and Nintendo games.

Tags: running food