July 20, 2013

8th Day Streaking!

The 8th day of my #runstreak was spent at a good clip looping from my house around Lake Como and back. It's a route I travel often, and frequently at night. I don't however, generally go out on a Friday; the traffic is awful! The two-plus miles to and from the lake are filled with stop lights and stop signs, the ever repeating grid of streets and sidewalks. Knowing this, I wore my headlamp and reflective vest to give me the maximum chance of being noticed. I'm alive, so it must have worked!
After seven days of running, my calves and Achilles are a bit sore, but surprisingly my left hip is relatively OK. The 200 yds of swim with a kickboard on Tuesday seems to have helped. A good stretch before I turn in for the night should help as well.
It really was a beautiful night out tonight, especially coming off a long stretch of hot and humid weather. Kevin Smith read JLA #13 and #14 on his podcast, "Fatman on Batman." I'm going to have to go out and buy JLA #15 now!
I find that three hours is not enough time from your last meal to wait before strapping on your shoes and running. I had heartburn from ten minutes onward. Not a great way to spend your time on the road. I managed through it and rewarded myself with a plain yogurt, fresh mango, chocolate chip, and shredded coconut "sunday" when I finished the run. Yum!
And for those counting, this is indeed my 8th blog post in 8 days! Streak on! (For some reason, I'm craving a steak.)

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