September 24, 2013

What Happened to Running?!

After being #MrMom for five days, crabby sick children, catching a cold myself, a flu shot, and ridiculous on-call nights, I've finally recovered enough to run a bit today. It wasn't much, but it ended the week long goose egg for mileage. It is so frustrating to lose that momentum, but I know I benefited from the streak. I'm not bitter; not really.

If I can scrounge up the kit, I plan on running to work tomorrow. Time go get back on the 35 mile per week train and kick this plan in gear. I've got Icebox 480 coming up in November, which gives me a solid six weeks of training, with one week for a "taper". Surf the Murph 50k on the 26th would be another nice way to end the season, and the 50 miler would challenge me even further.

Experience on the trail this Fall would prepare me for Savage 100, my best first chance I'd have at completing a 100 miler before July 12th. Held in May, the race has approximately 4,000 feet of elevation change per 16.8 mile loop, equating to 24,000 feet of total elevation change for the race. Yeoch!  The thing that killed me most on SHT was the elevation change. Moose and Mystery Mountains ground my quads into hamberger; bad times. Best to get going on Meghan's treadclimber over the winter months!

So, which to race? The 50K or the 50 miler...

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