May 28, 2014

A Race is on the Calendar! Finally!

It was high time I did something for my motivation to get out and run. As you can see by my training chart, there has been very little of that as of late:

Next on the race schedule, Superior Fall Races - 50 Miler! Without big challenges, there will be no big improvements. I've been feeling down in the dumps lately, despite things going well for me and my family, and I couldn't put a finger on why. Maybe this is the boost I need to get out of the slump!

I haven't scheduled any races between now and then, though it might make sense to do so. Race-specific training will be my focus, with hills being the front and center. In case you haven't seen the elevation chart for the race...

(Copied from
I'll be logging a lot of time on these:

The Dread-Climber
HILLS! (Looking down Carlton Peak - 2011)

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